lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Mensaje de Harmonic Management

Message from Roger and Harmonic Management Regarding Supertramp's Statement

The Latest from Buenos Aires.

Hi there. We just got off a 19 hour plane ride from Berlin where we just did an orchestra show and then flew to Argentina. And as we got here, we saw Supertramp’s statement on our google alerts which was very surprising. We just wanted to post a quick response to all the fans to say this isn’t true and there are a lot of holes in this statement. It doesn’t address anything about how they are using Roger’s songs and his voice to promote their tour or about Rick not honoring his agreement with Roger not to play his songs.
Yes, it is true that we did meet with Rick & Sue once. We had a cup of coffee in Canada in the summer in the middle of our 2008 tour. And then it was almost a year before we even spoke to them again. So to say there were negotiations happening during that time is simply not true.
Yet, what is more important is that Roger did write to Rick in February asking him if it was true that the anniversary tour was happening and he never got a reply. And we did offer to join Rick for a few special reunion concerts when our tour schedule allowed, and their agent told us they refused. We know how much fans have been wanting Roger to join Supertramp on this 40th Anniversary tour, so our main reason for offering was for the fans’ sake. We really think you deserve it. We want to honor all the appreciation that the fans have given Roger and Supertramp over the years for their music. Roger wouldn’t be here doing these concerts and playing the music that he loves if it wasn’t for you.
So, that is our quick response for now. We’re going to sleep for a few hours before band rehearsals. As we recover from jet lag we’ll give a longer statement.

Love to you all,
Harmonic Management & Roger

Es en respuesta a éste comunicado publicado en la página oficial de Supertramp:

In June of 2008 Rick Davies went to meet with Roger Hodgson to discuss the possibility of a reunion with him. After fifteen months of discussions, last fall Rick and Roger did not come to an agreement as was hoped. Roger decided to continue his solo career as he has since leaving Supertramp twenty-seven years ago.
After a bit of soul searching and much encouragement and support from Supertramp’s longstanding promoters, Rick decided to put the band back on the road.
The “70-10 Tour” is a celebration of 40 years of Supertramp, which Rick started in 1970, but it is not a reunion with Roger Hodgson. We wish Roger well and look forward to playing for you this fall.
We sincerely hope this puts an end to the confusion that has been circulating on the internet and in the press.

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